My Brave Rewards (BAT) suddenly reduced from 1.6 to 0.15!


I have noticed on at least two of my systems where I use Brave as default, that BAT rewards have suddenly reduced (note, prior to end of month re-set). The most notable was reaching about 1.6 BAT on my account only to log in the following day and it had dropped my amount to 0.15 BAT. I am quite new to Brave and have yet to see if the reward amounts are going to be deposited into the Brave wallet (by 07 Jan). The issue here is apparently losing BAT whilst still within the same month (Dec 2021).

Windows 10
Latest Brave browser
No VPN (on this particular machine)
New Zealand

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do you have a section on your rewards card saying that your BAT is being processed in 7 days?

same thing happen to me also, yesterday at 31st it showing my total reward of 3.8 bat now it showing that 3.5 bat will be credited to your account on 7 jan

No. This is NOT an end of month change (although this IS a problem on other machines where a lower amount is being processed than had been earned). 27th Dec I had 1.6 BAT. 28th Dec I had 0.15. It wasn’t the end of the month, BAT had simply been reduced by a factor of over 10.

No. This was a reduction that happened mid month. 1.6 BAT on 27 Dec, 0.15 BAT on 28 Dec. Had nothing to do with end of month sorting.

yes same issue with me on my android and i lost all my bats on my pc it sucks

Te same thing here. My BATs has gone from the 31 Dec until today, 1st Jan. All sudden dissapear.

Yesterday, December 31st, I went into the notebook to confirm how much I had to receive from BAT, it was around 0.850. All well! I went to sleep counting on it. After waking up, I went to the reward page and saw that I didn’t have the message that in a few days it would be deposited in my wallet. In fact, the BATs are simply gone. Ads count on the history page, but other than that they’re no longer part of what should be being credited to me. How to solve or deal with it?

My December earnings also disappeared.

The same thing happened to me. I have 4.33 bat for the month of december. Now it’s all gone and there is no notification that the rewards will be given to my account on Jan 7. What a huge disappointment! I am wondering if I can get my bat that I earned for december less any auto payments that I owe. I use ubuntu 20.04 lts. I’m using brave browser version: Release Notes V1.33.106 (Dec 14, 2021). Any assistance that I can get to resolve this issue would be appreciated. I would think this should not be too complicated.

thank you for any help anyone can provide,

Hello. Also happend to me.
I’m new in Brave.
Yesterday, I had 0.5 Bat’s but now the count starts from 0 again.

There is some explanation for this behaviour?


In windows it shows how much it earns after it zeros for the new month. It is possible that you may have the earnings even if they are not displayed. I will wait until jan 7 to see if in fact i do get the reward. It is possible it may be nothing. If you do not get it my Jan 7 then it is time to dig deeper!


Everybody else in this thread is talking about a totally different issue. My Crypto did NOT reduce at the end of the month, they reduced during the month.

Most people seem to have an issue with a trouble with Brave depositing BATS at month end. I have found it to be totally normal for the amount to reset to zero at the end of the month i.e. it is a month by month count- Starts counting on 01 of month. Stops count at CoP last day of the month. Processing of funds take about a week. My suggestion is that everybody with THIS problem, wait until 07 of Jan and then log into your wallet to see what has been deposited.

My concern is losing BAT during the same month i.e. losing BAT that has NOTHING TO DO with the end of month reset.

My next concern is that Brave support appears to not respond to any of the comments on here and as such it is a defunct ‘support’ system. People surely have better things to do than just have a chat about minor issues round in circles. Does anybody know if Brave support ever try to fix these issues or should we all just let it go and get on with life?

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I think they don’t care. A lot of people have faced problems with rewards, I haven’t seen them care about it yet


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