My brave browser is going ham today

Its freezing it says no response and then it shuts it self down and so on why is this happpening i tried mozilla no issues there and i been using this same brave browser with no problems until today

Hey Batmanmoney,

Can you confirm if you’re having the same issues with Google Chrome?

i dont use chrome but heres one of the responses i get when it just crash and not x out the whole browser it self errorcode: RESULT_CODE_HUNG

If I may ask, how long does it take for the broswer to crash?

now its been working for 5-10 min but sometimes 1-2 min is normal

Okay, within the time that you have, I want you to go to brave://settings/privacy > Clear Browsing Data > Basic, then clear your data with the time range set to “All time”. I would also advise disabling your extensions, should you have any. If that doesn’t work, get back to me.

i done what u explained and now again a new error code is coming up when im opning a new tab Feilkode: Out of Memory

In that case, perhaps you will have to reinstall the broswer. Delete the installer you have on your PC, redownload it, and then run it. Uninstalling the broswer and deleting all of the files associated with Brave will more likely guarantee that the problem will be solved, but you will lose all your data, including your BAT, so I wouldn’t advise doing that unless the problem persists after the reinstall.

What so if i reinstall the brave browser now after deleting it?

If you just deleted the old installer that you downloaded before, then you’ll still have all of your information. If you deleted any more than that, then your information will be lost. However, if you removed all of your Brave-related information from your PC, you issue should hopefully be resolved after you reinstall it. I’ve had people that required a complete wipe of Brave from their PC sometimes, so if you feel as though you should do so, make sure that all information is removed.

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