My BATs disappeared whyyyy

Hello, a moment ago it had approximately 1,890 bats, when creating a new tab they disappeared so this browser seems to me a scam to what it offers.

No, not a scam. It’s the end of the month. The Brave clock (whatever time zone that is) just rolled over to 1 August, and all of the July rewards have been taken out of the “Current earnings this month”. We should be seeing another line above that which shows how much will be added to our Brave Rewards wallets in the upcoming payout, but for some reason that message isn’t showing up.

why? If my next payment date is August 7, and if it restarts every month I will never be able to collect 15 BAT to verify my uphold account.

The BAT you earned for July will be paid starting on August 7 and will go in to your Brave Rewards account (instead of pending). That’s the amount that has to get to 15 BAT. What you’re earning during August will be paid starting on September 7, and so on. It will add up quickly, especially if you have your maximum ads per hour set to 10.

I’ll wait until August 7 … thanks

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Payouts start on August 7, but they usually take several days, sometimes as much as a week, to complete. @steeven will post an announcement that shows the status of the payout and when it is completed.

It seemed strange to me that the indication that the BAT movement was made does not appear as a friend showed me.

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It changed with this Brave update a few days ago.

thanks for answering rosie.

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