My BATs mysteriously disappeared

Hello. In the month of February I’ve accumulated 0.750BAT 0.46 USD (as seen in the screenshot) and now I realize that they disappeared, although they are in the summary of rewards. What I can do?
Just now I just linked to my Uphold account.

PS: these days I was using VPN applications, can this influence?

Thanks in advance.

@facucaldo hi, 8 hours has passed since you posted this issue, are your bat still missing?

I ask because the bats displayed on the wallet sometimes do not update immediately

Hi! That’s right, they still don’t appear. Nor can I restart the browser, because if I do, my estimated BATs in the current month disappear and I do not know why it happens.
I’ll wait until I claim this month’s rewards and see if the previous month’s rewards show up as well.

PS: I forgot to say that the same thing happened on my android device.

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