My BAT tokens still lost

Three days ago, my bat balance dropped from 3.6 approx. to 0, and so far they are still lost.


lost all my BAT, they say it’s because of auto-contribute, i remember turning it off, but apparently it can turn on by itself and empty your uphold account without any warning.
if you check brave://rewards-internals/ you might find the same thing happened to you.

I noticed that, there is no deposit in my Uphold account, and my wallet appears as if it were a new one, I checked in the monthly status details, and the previous payments do not appear, but in the announcements I received this month, they did not decrease , the account started from where the wallet was “created”.image

If auto contribute is on it will give all your money to the people you visited most who are verified, turn auto-contribute off so you can keep them instead of losing them, your welcome!

@CSE_Tech It was a very expensive lesson to learn. I still think it’s unfair not to be asked if you are sure that you want to make a transaction. I woke up to this news, first believing i was hacked. I think there should be a way to cancel the transaction. What if my kid played on my computer and turned on the auto-contribute by accident? As far as i know it was turned off.

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You can reset brave rewards, maybe that happened. I don’t know?

Okay, thanks for the statement!

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