My bat got reset from 13.3bats to 1.1 bats in estimated rewards

Hi Brave,
Suddenly I open the app when I click on the reward icon it tells me to join rewards I click on it then it says to create wallet after click on that ads notification counts are still there but my estimate bats which is 12.1 is missing just now it was happened, please return my bats it’s my Hard work
Waiting for your earliest response in this issue!
Thanks in advance!
@steeven @eljuno

Does anyone here to help me?
Please I need a solution regarding this…

Since there is a huge drop in the reward I would recommend you to kindly check the contribution setting and if the contribution setting is turned on please turn it off. Hope it solves the problem.

Auto contribution is already turned off!
The main issue is suddenly pop up to join rewards and ask to create wallet again in this way bat got reset in the estimated reward section but ads count still there but bats are reset…
Kindly check my screenshot where ad counts are still there but bats are no longer there…

Creating a wallet again resets the earnings as it is not saved to a particular account but the ads count is saved in brave local cache this is the only reason ads count is showing but the BAT had decreased.

But this problem is from brave browser suddenly it appears anytime to join again brave rewards, that’s a bug I checked the internals and they’re same also I cleared cache ads are still there sometimes they they credit my 12.2 bats and after that again vanishes, I don’t know why this problem appearing again and again

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Look at that all rewards grants and internals all there

Check the screenshot!

It might be like you have already received your July ad’s payout this month so that your estimated pending rewards got reset.

Try like this use your Recovery Key to backup your estimated pending rewards. Hope this might bring back your BAT’s. I too faced this issue, but soon after using Recovery Key my BAT’s got recovered.

Thank you :innocent: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In Android mobile version there is no option for any recovery key😥

Same problem here. I think there is a bug somewhere.
It asks you everytime to reconnect wallet, then the Ads just varnish.

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