My BAT for January auto-contributed without my approval, how do I get it back?

Hello I am new to Brave. I set up the app on my phone and the desktop browser. I earned 0.75 BAT in January (desktop only, I was given a second wallet on the phone app) and today it was auto-contributed. I did not set up auto-contribute nor did I know it was even on. I have turned it off now, but how do I get my BAT back?

@savcottah I’m not sure how that would have happened, in regards to settings being changed to contribute. My suggestion for now is to try to send a DM to @steeven and hopefully he’ll get back to you. I tagged him here so his name can be clicked on and you can select Message.

When you message him, Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals ) and explain your situation. He’ll be able to look into it and if it is something that can be resolved, he’ll assist. If they can’t do anything, he’ll let you know.

Responses won’t be quick, as sometimes can take a week or more, but hopefully he can get you some sort of answer here shortly.

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Thank you Saoiray I will message him :slight_smile:

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