My ads viewed per month suddenly become 0 in android device

My ads viewed per month suddenly become 0 in android device,2 days before it was 180ads and I gathered around 13.5 bat but suddenly today it is showing like this and I am not recieving any ads on my android device plzz help…I was getting around 10 to 12 ads per day now it has been stop plzz help me!
My region is india and my brave browser is latest updated help me plzz

Hi @sam107 - thanks for reaching out! What Brave version are you currently on? Did it drop to 0 when you updated to your most recent version?

Thanks in advance!

Yes I think after update only it changes to 0,but the thing is I didn’t get a single ad today…
My version is 1.8.112
Android user…
India region

@sam107 be patient.i had the same issue.i am also from india :+1:

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This may be a temporary issue. You’re browser is still displaying the proper estimated pending Rewards so I don’t think you’re in danger of losing anything. You say that it “suddenly” became 0 – does that mean you don’t think any particular action caused this? You just noticed that it was at 0 at some point? How long ago did the number change to 0?

How much time it took to solve.

Yes I thing after update it changes to zero because only 2 days ago there was almost 180 ads viewed and after update I didn’t check that but after somedays I check it and saw this think and make a thread on the forum…

Have you seen an ad since this has happened?

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