Not getting any more ads, Ads received this month fell to 0

I had received just over 200 ads this month when all of a sudden ads stopped appearing on my device. After a few days I checked my Brave wallet and saw that the “Ad notifications received this month” had fallen to 0(The estimated BAT payout was retained though). I’m on the latest version of the android app, any ideas what the problem might be?

I’m sorry for the confusion, @lilStinkBug. Do you often turns ads off and then back on? Also, which version of Brave are you presently using?

Hello @sampson. I do not regularly turn them off and on, but it is something I’ve tried as I’ve read that can help from other forums. My version of Brave is 1.8.112. Thanks for getting back to me!

If you had to guess, how often (or how many times) would you say you might have toggled Ads off/on? Thank you—just trying to understand how best to assist :slightly_smiling_face:

@sampson If i had to guess, I would say I’ve toggled ads off/on around three to four times since the problem has occurred. Before the problem occurred, I did not toggle at all.

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Thank you, @lilStinkBug. That is helpful. Are you confident there are enough active campaigns in your region as well? You can check via

No problem @sampson! I live in the US so yes!

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Are you also using Brave on your desktop, and seeing ads there?

Whoops sorry, forgot to reply to you, I am using Brave on my desktop and I am seeing ads there, no problems!

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Excellent. If you don’t mind, let’s revisit this issue in about a week. There are a few issues the team is investigating on Android and iOS which are closely related to this space. If you don’t mind, message me in about 7 days or so and let’s take another look. We may have more to share from the development team at that time. My apologies for the inconvenience, but thank you for your incredible patience. We’ll improve. I promise :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds good! Thank you for your time and quick responses. I very much appreciate it! I’ll talk to you in about a week, thanks again @sampson! :slight_smile:

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I had the same problem after an update. It turned out that I was getting notifications on the bottom panel. I let it ride for several days, but was getting very few ads from the panel notification (poor eyesight) so I changed my settings to stop getting notifications from there. And viola! I began getting lots and lots of ads from the top right corner of the browser again.

Hi am also not getting ads on android brave browser app even my ads on and set to 5 per hours but still am not getting single ads anyone know how to fix it?

i have the same problem,Today i make account and recieved 11 adds ,but now i checked my account there is 0 adds and 0 earnings

Hey @sampson,
It’s been a few weeks since we talked last, but everything went back to normal since then so I figured I wouldn’t wast your time updating you. I’m writing to you now to inform you that the same thing happened again. I stopped getting ads for a few days and then the “ad notifications received this month” fell to 0 today(This is after the reset for the month). I trust that I’ll get ads again soon, but I do wonder why that number keeps resetting. I’m not sure why, but I like seeing how many ads I’ve received in a month :sweat_smile:
Any ideas on what could be causing this? Has anyone else reported something like this happening?

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