Total number of ads suddenly reset

As of today, the total number of ads was suddenly zeroed. Why did this happen even though it was not the beginning of the month? Will I be able to get my full rewards?

Don’t worry that’s totally fine, you’ll receive the full rewards.


bilgisayarda reklam alabiliyor musun hocam

How many ads was it before it zeroed? @engineerrr06

Something is going on and not responses at all… it is almost 2 moth for me having the same problem without responses…

The past month I received almost 0 in BAT from watching ads when in reality was more that 250 avds that were reseted
Please see below this other post

We are watching ads and that ads are money something/someone is removing from our pocket and they don’t do anything

Where that money goes?

hocam BAT fırladığı için olarak kapattılar galiba 1.90tl iken şimdi 2.75tl oldu

It’s fine mine turn zero too but rewards stay same

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Mine turn zero and not receiving ads afterwards

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