The payout report completed and received 0 bat!

Hi support team .
i hope you are doing well
i have approx 100 bat and the payout report completed , then why i didn’t get my bat into uphold !
ps : my uphold is verified
so what next … or i need to wait another month to face another problem to open another ticket asking for the same thing again and again
i am really disappointed or atleast lemme know if i won’t get a single bat to stop waiting
thanks in advance .


Same here! I have 200 BAT and nothing in my uphold account.


Hay que esperar un poco amigos los pagos se están procesando en este momento .

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see :


Same. The processing report message has gone away, giving the impression that payments have completed.

But my Brave Rewards balance is unchanged with no payout.


I did not receive my payout from brave creator and brave rewards; please look into the matter.

thank you

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they gonna say ‘’ wait till the next month " -.-

The services are really getting worst day by day like how much they delay the things and then don’t respond to our queries for hours,
Even I didn’t receive my creator payment of April I had around 26 bats in my brave wallet as of April 4, 2021, but I didn’t receive even a single bat from publisher wallet, brave team, can we know the dates, of creator payments,


they said before ( payout ) will start in 8 may then it delayed to 10 then to 11 then to 12
so lets wait a bit more and see

Same here :confused:
Last month i goth my fist payment with 0 problems and now im not getting the payment in my uphold account

Payouts are currently pending, so don’t be alarmed if you have not yet received your BAT from tips. Please see this thread for updates - May 2021 Creators Payout. Please do not send a DM with your information until after payments have finished processing.

Thank you for your patience!

i got my bat :slight_smile:
thank you so much

i did not receive from brave rewards as well

If you really want to appreciate brave, than give 5 stars at Play/App store if you use Brave in mobile phone :hugs:

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