My account has been under review for a month!


My account has now been under review for a month! I’ve emailed support and provided the extra information as requested by the autoreponse email.

Waiting a month for a support email reply is absolutely ridiculous.

In the meantime my funds are being withheld and I’ve missed another payout day. I’m really disappointed to be treated like this after all my hard work as an affiliate to promote the Brave browser (which is excellent).


The same issue with me too. My account has been under review since 8th January 2020. I hope the Brave Publisher Team willing to check my account as soon as possible.


I think many people have the same issue, they appear to be a month or two behind on support requests!

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My account has been cleared already, and 1,406 BATs has been sent to my Uphold. Thank you, Brave!


My account is also under review
And all I get is an automated email.
It is absurd


how to solving it ? because my account is under review too

Just a quick update my account was restored after I provided some extra information via email, is seems an email was sent to me but missed! After confirming and replying my account was restored in February but I missed the payout date so that payment delay but has been out today.

The only advice I can give it to be patient and follow up after a few weeks if you haven’t heard anything back.

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how long has your account been out of review? is there any possibility that the account can come back to life and be used

It was almost two months! But I think its a rare case as I didn’t receive an email that asked specifically for more information. On the previous occasion when it was suspended it was just a week and restored quickly.

then is your account now active again? have it solved ?

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