Account under review since more than a month!


I know subject has been already set and cleared, but what else could I do? For the second time, I have my Brave rewards account under review.

First time, it takes less than a week to be resolved. I’ve answered all the questions and sent you all the required documents, including my ID.

My account should have now around 3000 BAT, even more than that, I promote your Browser with all my users and make you earn hundreds of faithfull users, maybe thousands!

I send emails and emails to the given address without any answer, only a small one only a week ago saying you are a small and busy team, then what?

How long should I have to wait? It’s important amount of “money” we are talking about, not just some bonus stuff…

I mean, it’s not really professional from your side not to check in time that kind of issue, even if you are a small team, take decisions, improve your scripts and do something.

Waiting for your answer promptly and fast, I really start to be boring about that…

For for your understanding and kind answer,


Hello @jamboom , kindly send an email to as nothing can be done on the forum regarding suspension.

As I’ve said : I have already sent many emails without any response.

I have the same problem.
Nobody is answering. I also wrote a message @Asad, but he also does not respond.
My account has been blocked for only a few days, but apparently I won’t get anything.
I also spent my personal money on Brave browser advertising.

Yer, around 2 months and still no answer from anyone. And thousands of BAT lost!
I will start to call it SCAM if nothing comes very soon!..

I received my payment, problem is solved.

My account has been set to “under review” status yesterday and I hope that my account will be reviewed very soon. What’s interesting, they put that status on my account just before a pay-day or even on a pay-day. As I can see from other topics, they block accounts just before paying BATs. I think it’s a pretty shady practice since they could “block” the account at the moment when the system has some doubts - not wait until we refer as many referrals as possible. We’re investing lot’s of time and efforts in order to promote Brave among the Internet users and I think it’s not fair to be treated this way.

Since lot’s of users is dealing with ignorance from Brave’s side, I think it’s worth to start a discussion about it on Reddit.


I received my payment, problem is solved.


They hold the reward for six months?

Hi @ProPlusMd,

I just messaged you in a similar thread. When you have a moment please DM me screenshots of your Ad spend and any other related info and we can take a closer look.

Thank you!

I received my payment, problem is solved.

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