Under review my acc

Hello bat community
Why I receive this message ?
I send an email to support but still i didn’t receive any reply after 3 day

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we all are in the same situation, they are reviewing numerous accounts, thread here- https://community.brave.com/t/not-received-pending-bat-march-8th

thanks but i am a old user from 2017
and i install brave browser from this date to now and i purchase token for help this awesome project…
but i think that this is not a good behavior for this long support

they dont have a lot of free guys to sort this mess aparently :frowning:

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How long did it take for you?

im still suspended/investigation. since 8 mar.

is there any admin here?

cc @asad for assistance here.

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This is not right more and more supporters get under review and at the mercy of mods if he/she could continue to be a publisher. #powertrip?

@nomanarmy can you send me your Zendesk request number? Same for you @DanieleKarati . If neither of you have support request numbers, please PM me the email address you use to login to Rewards.

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