MultiLogin feature built-in except not spyware

There is a very useful/evil extension called MultiLogin which, basically, allows you to open a new incognito tab with its own cookies (the current Chromium behavior is really dumb: all incognito windows/tabs share one set of cookies). Unfortunately, the developer of this extension is shady AF. Someone released an ‘open’ version of this app sans spyware which has been DMCA’d off the store and is no longer being updated as a result, thus your options now as they stand is to use spyware (botnet ware?) or use a different browser like Safari which doesn’t share cookies between “private” windows/tabs (unless you open a link from one private window).

It would be really nice to implement incognito mode in a rational manner. I propose basically adopting the behavior of MultiLogin with two additional features:

  1. Automatically assign a color to the new tab so one can keep track of which tabs belong to which cookie sets (if you open a link in new tab, it shares the cookies of the previous tab and should share the same color).
  2. A new incog tab would have a summary of all incog tabs highlighted by their colors with a preview of the tab contents. This would make keeping track of all your logins really easy.

Wow. Thanks for the information that you share with us.