How can I save and keep passwords in incognito, while still eliminating cookies?

I’m trying to have more than one account in Reddit using multi account to avoid bans. Any suggestions on how to do this easily ?

@AIex777 First off, you know incognito does nothing for the website, right? All it does for the most part is just delete your cookies and history on exit. That’s it. It doesn’t make you more secure or anything. And things like your IP address still get revealed, unless you’re doing Private with Tor or something.

That said, you can create multiple profiles within the browser and you can sync them together so they have the same passwords. Heck, depending on how many accounts you’re doing, you could just easily have Brave, Brave Beta, and Brave Nightly on your device and just use each of them for a different account.

Personal Rant

As to the reason you’re given, to avoid bans, almost makes it sound like you’re just trolling people or you’re one of those scam/spam bots. Shouldn’t have to worry about avoiding bans if you just make sure not to be a bad person.

Yes I’m aware of that. Reddit doesn’t check IP as far as I’m aware, they check your cookies, so long as you delete those you can have as many multiple accounts as you want ( I’ve manually tested it ).

As for the reason of avoiding bans, no, it’s not either trolling nor spam stuff. But rather Reddit’s community guidelines are very abused by users of certain communities, and I feel like I can’t even speak my mind. For example I got one ban for saying that I ( personally and I specified that ), find token characters like the ones in disney or some other american franchises( of my own ethnicity btw ), offensive.
Apparently that alone ‘‘violates reddit’s guidelines’’, as it ‘‘promotes hate’’. I guess I hate my own race for not liking cheap pandering then ?. Problem is, one single community mass reporting you for giving your opinion, on matters of your own ethnicity is enough to ban you from the entire website, if it was on one single sub it wouldn’t be a problem. And that’s just one of the examples I can give.

Thanks for the answer. I was expecting something a little less manual but that is good enough. Thanks again !

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