An option for Sandboxing every tab in Private Mode


I would like to see an option to isolate every single tab 100% from each other in Private/Incognito Mode. Tabs should not share any information or data. Creating a new profile and manage them each time is a hassle.

When I open Private mode window, tabs in that window still shares session info. For example, when I create a second tab I can still be logged in my Gmail account. I would like to see an option in Private Mode that creates a new temporary profiles automatically for each new tab or window. This feature is available in Safari in Private Mode and it’s extremely useful. It’s very difficult to manage different profiles and windows when we achieve this in Brave.

Can we add “temporary unique profile per tab in Private Mode” please?

Thank you


I totally agree with godrays’ request :+1: That’s the only thing I miss about Safari for macOS.

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Having multiple accounts for some services is not uncommon, and Brave (and Chrome) don’t let you have multiple private tabs or even private windows sandboxed and independent of each other. So logging in in one window will log you in in all tabs. It’s a very popular demand in Chrome too:

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Unfortunately, I guess this is because Google (Chromium) wants you to use the same Google account everywhere, private tabs/windows included. It would be great if Brave managed to fix this.

If someone wants to share data between tabs, simply they can use non-private mode. An option to make tabs strictly private would be a great feature. Safari is still the king among the all browsers in privacy and speed category.

Will Brave catch up?