Are there Firefox like multi account containers for Brave?

I have been wanting to shift from FF but been finding it so difficult since Brave does not offer containers for the same window. I noticed some people are suggesting to use different “profiles” but that is not a practical solution.

For me, I run Google search from one account, docs from a different account etc. And I have difficulties trusting third party non open source extensions that require full data access to every tab.

I woder, is it possible to raise a fun so this feature gets implemented? How much would it cost?

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Nothing like that exists for Brave at this time. As you mentioned, you could run different tabs or windows in different profiles. I also know you could do something like run Brave Release, Brave Beta, and Brave Nightly with different profiles if you were concerned that there could be some leak of data between profiles within one browser…as these would run independently of one another.

That said, what you’re requesting would likely be considered a heavy lift by Brave and be a low priority. You would have a much higher chance of “success” in getting this done by trying to make a request through the Chromium team, who would then be able to add it upstream.

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Thanks for being kind.

I would like to guess the Chromium team would have lots of Google employees and ex-Googlers. I wonder if they would implement such a feature which would kill cross site tracking for even Google. But I do thank you for the idea. Brave is a great browser and I do advocate it for a lot of people. For me, I have this unique need.

My one sugestion is that we be able to fund brave but for a perticular feature we want. Brave team can start implementing a feature when there is sufficient funds :slight_smile: Just a thought. I could be wrong.


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