Moving data from old computer to new one and delete brave on old one

Description of the issue:
I am installing a new laptop and want to move Brave from the old laptop to the new one.
Can I export/import data or do i have to sync data. How do I know the versio of the Sync on the old computer. And how can I safely remove the Brave brower from the old laptop withouy loosing data?

Expected result: Just need help on moving data the right way without losing it.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.49.120

Additional Information: I am Dutch so exuse for not being clear in englisch

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You could sync. Your Brave version is updated to the latest version so should be good to go.
Just make sure you click on sync everything when you enable sync.
Also don’t clear Brave on old device before installing and checking all data has been synced to new laptop.

If you are using Windows, check these FAQ, specifically at the end of the page.
Please, note that this is not an official backup procedure. It may not work in your system.
Since Brave is removing vBAT sometime in the next weeks, this procedure may not work anymore in the future.

Note: as far as I know, it may not be possible to backup the saved passwords. They are supposed to be encrypted by your OS.


I’m getting a new device OR I need to reinstall Brave, how do I backup my BAT?

  • BAT needs to be on a verified wallet if you don’t want to risk losing it. At this time, it is NOT saved when you create a Sync chain. If you have verified your “wallet” with Uphold or Gemini, then when you install Brave on your new device and connect it with your Wallet, your BAT should appear and all pending BAT will be sent in the next payout.
  • If you don’t have a verified wallet and your BAT is actually vBAT, there currently is no official way to save it. Brave is working on an official Backup & Restore feature for Brave Rewards. Until then, the unofficial way that works to move your BAT from an unverified wallet to a new device can be seen at and
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@rodrige Just FYI, if you hadn’t seen it, I did a new FAQ with what I think is a slightly better format. It’s also some more update info. You can see it at PSA: Current FAQ


did you try to just overwrite it?

install brave on the new machine and then copy&replace the folders (folder content of profile)
never done this with brave, but it works with several other buildings.

(found it, it seems to be working… so you def saving your profile until your sone!)

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OK everybody. All these answers alltogether is what I needed.
So I am going to make a backup and then sync. And as I understand this you should backup regularly to be sure to be safe.
If I have still questions I will be back.
And if anybody has any usefull things, always welcome.

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