How to move Brave to a new computer?

I think the question is simple enough, but I’ve been searching for at least half an hour without approaching any sort of answer…

Let me clarify that I was sort of interested in Brave a long time ago, but lost interest and right now feel even less interest. But I was reminded Brave exists in a book I was just reading, so I remembered that i had installed it on a dying computer and I decided to come over here and consider if I should move it.

So far my reaction is “too much hassle”. So I’m leaning towards letting it die, even though I think there was a good idea buried in here somewhere. (The book’s enthusiasm obviously hasn’t infected me yet.)

Doesn’t seem you spent too much time. I mean, I have a FAQ that’s pinned to the top of Brave that has the answer, if you looked. So until someone opened it up and reads it all, it stays pinned. (PSA: Current FAQ)

Things listed there include:

Backup & Restore


Also a simple Google or Brave Search would have referred you to links such as:

Then there’s additional information in Brave’s Help articles, such as:

Nah, it’s actually really easy. In fact, importing/exporting bookmarks and passwords work the same as all other web browsers. And sync is similar notion as in other devices, except that Brave Sync doesn’t use a username/password to create it. Otherwise, it’s similar on how you set it up.

Sorry that i don’t satisfy your requirements to use Brave.

You must be completely overwhelmed with eager beavers.

To summarize, Brave was somehow called to my attention a while back. I took a look and wasn’t much impressed. Forgot about it until I was reminded by this recent book. The bit about encouraging journalism sounded especially nice. So I took another look at Brave and was still not impressed.

Doubt I’ll be back.

I rather hope you don’t work in sales. It’s almost a case of “If you have nothing to say, then you should say nothing”, but I actually think you had something to say. Rather it was the way you said it that hit the “No sale” button.

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