New PC, migrate Brave rewards and BATs

I have read several relevant posts including ones posted by @ Magniacus and at jjones on a similar topic.

I’m not sure if I found a solution yet.

My question is, what is the best way to migrate Brave to a new PC, and carry over the current March Brave rewards?

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Thank you, guys.

Copying over your user data folder is your best option here.

C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\

This should carry over estimated Rewards. Note that if you continue using the browser on your old machine as well as your new one, you may run into unexpected behavior. You should only use this to restore into your new machine, and retire your old machine once you restore into your new machine.


Thank you @Mattches

I think that is clear. Follow up questions, if I copy of the user data folder to the new machine,

(1) will I have to re-verify my wallet?
(2) will that count towards an additional 1 out of 4 wallets connected to my Brave account?

Many thanks!

  1. Yes I believe you will have to reverify your wallet
  2. Yes it will take one of the available slots

What if the person lost access to the old PC and can’t import? How to delete access without having access to old PC?

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Not entirely sure i understand the question. Are you asking if there is any way to transfer estimated earnings if you don’t have access to your old PC? If so, the answer is no unfortunately.


Thanks @Mattches hopefully we have a better solution soon, as the limit could get in the way of earning BATs in the near future. :pray:

Thats Ok I already found the answer you gave:

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Thanks @Mattches that worked.

Verifying on the new machine used up a slot, as mentioned.

Also, no hiccup with unverifying on the old machine.

Cheers, @all.

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