How to Import My Brave account to a new computer


Just got a new laptop and the first thing to do is set up brave.

how do i import my existing profile?

What all do you want to import?

everything, profile, bookmarks, rewards, the whole thing

For syncing the rewards, create an Uphold / Gemini account.
And connect that to your current pc and wait for the BATs to be transferred.

NOTE- This month’s payouts is on 8th Sept. so you have to wait till then to get those BATs, also the BATs shown in “Estimated BATs” won’t be transferred.

For syncing all the other stuff, go to settings and search for Sync.
There start a new chain and copy the code shown. There, you also toggle “Sync Everything”.

Then, after 5-10 mins, in your new laptop, go to the same sync settings and there click on enter a sync chain, and paste the code generated before. And all the history, bookmarks, and passwords shall be synced.

it’s a bit more complicated cos the old computer isn’t really working anymore

Well you never mentioned that before. :confused:
There is no way to 100% guarantee that all files are safe.

Can you at least use the old pc to view/transfer files?

Sorry, I didn’t realise it was so complicated.

I had a complete windows failure and had to re-install windows, so i lost all my programs. It seems to be hard disk damage that is the ultimate cause so i have had to bankrupt myself to get a new computer, lol.

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The chances of recovering now became even low. Near 1%.

In the old pc download a File Recovery program, and run it to search in Program Files

Sorry, I think it is too much and I will just give up.

Thank you for trying to help. much appreciated.

Yeah, without any files left, its almost impossible to recover anything.

To be safe that it doesn’t happen again, start a new sync chain on the laptop and keep the code safe with you, so you can access them in case of any failures.

Also, link an Uphold account.

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what’s uphold exactly? not come across it before.

Its basically a Crypto app. All the BATs that you earn from the browser is working with Uphold, so all your BATs will be sent to your Uphold Account which you can access through any device. (Basically keeping your BATs safe)

So even if the Laptop crashes in the future, the BATs will be safe in the Uphold Account.

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Thanks again for helping!

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