Brave Backup and Restoring data from the Backup

Hi Community

I have been using Brave browser for more than 1 year now, due to some issues I am now resetting my Windows 11 Laptop which will also lead to reset Brave, can someone tell me detailed process to save the complete Brave data(I have two profiles in Brave) and also use it again after my Windows reset is completed

Awaiting for an early reply from the dedicated community.


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You can go to file manager ->C:\Program Files and copy the whole ‘BraveSoftware’ folder and upload it somehwere. Also, you can turn on sync in settings and have your mobile sync with it.
I’ll tag @saoiray to ask if I am right. thanks

Hi Guys

Thanks a lot for your response, I have copied the whole folder, now after the laptop is reset what should be my process to get back the data on brave


Except for your passwords. If you do the folder copy, you don’t get your passwords. For that you have to sync or export them.So hopefully you checked that out.

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