Moving data from Brave on one drive to Brave on another after reinstall?

Can this be done? I had a Windows 10 crash and am no longer able to boot into the drive where I installed Windows. I now have Windows 10 installed on another drive. My files from the crashed drive are all available, and I currently have this crashed drive as a secondary drive (let us call it drive D:).

Unfortunately I did not make a backup/export of my Brave bookmarks, or saved passwords or browsing history. But since my file system is intact and readable on my secondary D: drive, is there any way for me to get my data from the files on D: and import them to my new Brave installation on C:? Starting up Brave from D: using the exe file on D: doesn’t work for me, this just opens up the new Brave on C: .

Thanks for any help!

Hi @davedave0909, welcome to Community!

If you navigate to C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data, you should see a folder called Default. This folder will contain your bookmarks, extensions, etc.
After you install Brave on your new drive, you can then copy the contents from your OLD Default folder to the NEW Default folder.

This is for you main Brave profile. If you have multiple profiles you’ll have to copy over the ones called Profile X, x being some number.


Perfect! Thank you Aa-ron, it seems to have worked perfectly. Saves a lot of time now.

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