How can I move my user settings to another drive?

I configure all my computers so that all my personal files are on D:, leaving C: for OS and apps. That way if I screw up my system I can simply restore a C: image. For example, my Firefox userdata is on D as is my Thunderbird (email) files. When I was using Chrome I also had my user data on D. Can you please tell me how to relocate my Brave user data to D:? I had to restore an image from last month and lost all my bookmark additions since then. I haven’t found a profile or ini file to modify.

I see from browsing the forum that this question was previously posted but unanswered so I did the following workaround

  1. created D:\cache\Brave
  2. chdir to C:\Users\rjdeg\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser
  3. xcopy “User Data” to D:\cache\Brave
  4. ren “User Data” “User Data.bak”
  5. junction “User Data” “D:\cache\Brave\User Data”

Now any changes are saved to the folder on D.

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