Retrieving Brave from damaged computer

My computer has been damaged and it won’t start. However, I can see my files if I plug my drive as an external drive to another computer. I would like to import somehow my Brave into the other computer (history, tabs and passwords). Can I do that if I am not able to run Brave itself, just access the Brave files on my computer? O run it from there somehow? Any other way to salvage my browser from my fallen computer?

Thank you in advance.

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Thank you! I should have added, this method worked only for the bookmarks, but not for the passwords and extensions. Have I done something incorrectly?

Nope. Passwords can not be recovered since they’re actually encrypted on each device, just in case you’re able to boot the system on the old drive and access brave and sync it with the new computer, you can have your passwords and extensions.
Or if you had sync enabled and have the phrase.

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