Brave move user data folder

I wanted to move the user data directory to the new folder.

I already made it on Chrome, so I did the same for brave but didn’t work. basically, I did: existing brave; copying “User Data” folder to under the new folder; mklink /J
I said didn’t work. how didn’t work, right? I can’t describe well but basically crashed. once window opens but after few seconds automatically crashed.

so I googled and took a look here: Move Brave profiles to a new computer

He said, basically, following steps to follow:
create new brave data folder on the new pc, or with the flag like this: . "C:\Program Files (x86)\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe" --user-data-dir="B:\_secure_data\_brave02" ; delete Default profile on the new dist and copy the old Default to there ; open brave as the same manner

so I did that. but didn’t work also. crashed opened window immediately. I don’t know why. Can you help me out? Thanks

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Hi @fumiya,
Can you clarify some things for me?
What do you mean by:

Are you taking data from chrome and trying to open it with Brave?

Also, would you mind explaining why you’re doing this - a reason could help me find you an easier method to achieve your goal.

Also there should not be any quotations marks " around the path to the dir




Are you taking data from chrome and trying to open it with Brave?

No. I mean, I did the similar thing on chrome as well and successfully I could open. I know there is not complete compatibility between chrome’s data folder and brave’s data folder.

why you’re doing this

basically, I have encrypted mounted drive “B:” and I wanted to store brave data files in there securely.

there should not be any quotations marks

Thanks for the info. I’m on powershell not cmd for the command and seems working well. still should I remove quotations?


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