Move "bookmarks bubble" to sidebar, color the icon to indicate a failed download

I’ve just been reading some comments from people who are upset that the downloads bar is no longer available and the downloads bubble which replaced it doesn’t have all the same functionality. They want to be able to know when a download has failed or stalled, to know the remaining time of individual downloads, and not to have to open another page to see this information.

There are some simple ways to achieve this without replacing a feature discarded by upstream developers:

  • Set the downloads bubble icon to red when a download has stalled, been interrupted etc.
  • Open the downloads page in the sidebar, as a replacement for both the current page and for the toolbar popup

A further improvement would be to let users filter the downloads list: failed, in progress, completed. This would let us see the progress of multiple downloads without completed ones needing to be pruned from the list, and would make it much easier to find stalled downloads which we would like to resume.

I am not a fan of sidebars though, but especially point 1 and 3 seem like good solutions.

I think, the downloads bubble falls short in terms of user-friendliness compared to the downloads bar. It’s not only smaller and harder to spot but also lacks some of the essential information provided by the downloads bar. I find your proposed enhancements for the downloads bubble quite commendable. Turning the downloads bubble icon red in case of issues like stalled or interrupted downloads is a practical and beneficial way to alert users about problems.