Mouse back and forward buttons not responding

Logitech mouse back and forward buttons are not responding on any web site. Buttons respond as intended in other apps including other browsers.

To reproduce this you’d have to use my mouse at my workstation. (You’re welcome to visit.)

Version 1.4.96 Chromium: 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Logitech M705 mouse.

Hi @Mr.F, welcome to Community!
Do you have Logitech Options? If so, can you trying uninstalling it and seeing if the buttons work?

Thank you for the suggestion. I didn’t know about Logitech Options until you mentioned it, and it’s not installed on my machine. After reading about it, it does seem like it interferes with application controls. This failure to go back or forward is a new phenomenon dating back some several days. I don’t know exactly when it began since I probably dismissed it earlier as a fluke. But now it’s obvious that it’s only the Brave browser that has this problem.

I must add that the problem has stopped. This morning I discovered other faults and realized that maybe the problem was that I had not restarted Brave in several days. I closed all my Brave windows and restarted the program and everything works as intended. I will remember this the next time something odd happens. Thank you for your time spent thinking about this matter.