New Custodian Please

Can’t you guys bring a new custodian for all around the world?
Uphold is hopeless and Gemini is not working everywhere.
Brave was born to give everyone an equal place on the internet, but still as I can see that Brave is mostly focused on US citizens?
Can’t you guys fix this?
Maybe will be a good option.

any@admin to reply to my question, please?

Better yet why not give us the chance to send our tokens right out of the brave browser to any wallet we choose. I linked with gemini and had all kinds of problems. In addition they took all my tokens and left me with 0! I couldn’t believe it! I left Gemini!

We should be able to send our tokens out right from the brave browser to any wallet. There should be no need to have a custodial wallet that we must link to.

Please improve your service,

I second this!! And maybe all of us second that. We need a wallet that is not tied to a country limited access.

If Brave could pay the bats to the internal wallet and we could pass it to any wallet we use it would be awesome.

Hope the devs give us that feature soon