More BAT (ads) in the USA?

can I earn more BAT in the USA than in Germany?
Can I see more ads in the USA than in Germany?

Hi @Slatscher - if you live in Germany, then you are only able to view ads that are a part of the German catalogue. Same for USA. We’re working hard to grow each of these catalogues.

Thank you so much!
But I wanted to know whether more ads are displayed in the USA than in Germany?
In Germany there are 20 ads per day! Are there more in the USA or 20 ads too?

20 ads per day is the limit for all countries @Slatscher.

Thank you so much!
Why do I sometimes have 20 ads and sometimes only 16 ads?
Is there maybe a monthly limit?

Explained here FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

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