BAT rewards on multiple devices

I’m using Brave Browser, it’s more than one week. In the beginning they give me two ads and I earned some BAT, but after I synchronised with another account, I didn’t received anymore ADS. Why?
And after the synchronisation I lost all my BAT. I’m not understanding well what is happening.

I’m Italian but now I’m living in Austria, I read that also the country matter, but now I think also in Austria is ok.

Hi @lucavit,

Thanks a bunch for writing in. Some of this is based on inventory availability and what the model thinks you might be interested in and there’s not always a match. We should be bringing on more varied demand to your region shortly!

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Hi @steeven I have installed Brave in my Linux distributions of Manjaro and Ubuntu (Brave and Brave Dev). There I have the option of Brave Ads (I live in Argentina) But in the Windows versions it tells me that it is not possible to have it yet. Why does this happen?

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