What is this guys?

Hello !

Is it an Adds ?
I get BAT if it’s on my screen ? or I need to click on it ? lol
Because I saw it 2 times but I get no more BAT.

Hello @eohh. You can find everything about that here: https://brave.com/sponsored-images-now-available-on-all-brave-platforms/

Hey @rolak !
Thank you but I already read it. But as they said, I not available in France normally.
They said it only for USA, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand and UK.

And I earn 0 BATs even if I click in the logo.
How I know if I earn BATs ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

From the announcement

Users who opt into Brave Rewards will see earnings from Sponsored Images included in their ad statements at the end of each month. Earnings from Sponsored Images are not included in Brave Rewards daily estimated ad earnings yet

@eljuno Ok ok ! I’ll see it soon so :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you all :slight_smile:

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