Mobile VPN account migrating to Desktop

I have been trying to access my VPN account that I purchased on my mobile device with my desktop. I have done all the updates on my mobile device and cannot get the website to render on mobile to add my PC.

go to brave://flags and enable VPN from there. After which, you should see a VPN button on your browser. It just hasn’t been made into core yet

That didn’t work. Any other suggestions? I already had a VPN button on my browser It wont let me utilize the account that I am already paying for on mobile be accessed by my PC.

What VPN is it?
What error is displayed?

It’s the Brave VPN + Firewall. I’ve tried to do the add device thing too. Won’t let me do it.

@mattches @tzeejay @Shznakl could you guys assist?


First, would you please confirm if you purchased your subscription through Google Play, Apple App Store or Brave’s premium website?

I used my apple app store account

Thank you for confirming your subscription purchase. In this case, Apple is currently managing your subscription which means you won’t be able to share it to the desktop version.

However, the best solution would be to cancel your Apple subscription from your mobile device in your icloud account, and sign up for Brave Firewall + VPN by logging into your Brave account at This means your subscription will now be managed by Brave directly, and you will be able to link your mobile devices regardless of iOS or Android or other desktops computers without any issue.

It is a bit of an extra step but this is the best way we can offer multi-platform support which we know is super important to folks.

So this approach has now started another issue. I now cannot login to my brave account at all. I would repurchase if I could get into my account.

What is happening when you type in your email? Are you not receiving the login email or is there an issue when you click the link from the login email?

The latter, every time I click the link from the email it redirects me to retype my email. I just closed 7 tabs from the same loop.

Hi @Jammers31

Could try either of the following:

  • Logging in from a private window
  • Clearing browsing data/cache/cookies

Do let me know if you have any success.

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