Bookmarks on iOS

I just installed the Brave browser on iPhone and find that the Bookmarks folder is empty. I was hoping Brave would import the bookmarks from Safari. Is there a way to do this?


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Currently there is no feature to import bookmarks from other browsers on iOS. You would be able to sync bookmarks on Brave from other devices once Sync is implemented. This feature is currently not on the roadmap at least for now.

Hi @sriram!

I have seen a few posts around the community which either state that some feature is not on the roadmap for iOS, or that there is no estimated release date. I really enjoy using Brave on macOS, but for it to be usable long term I would like to completely move away from Safari. Is Brave for iOS actually a priority, or is it likely to languish behind the Desktop and Android versions, never really getting up to speed? If this is the case I think I would rather just know now, rather than be continually disappointed.




Brave for iOS is a priority. We are just trying to get some core features for Brave done which is priority like Sync and Rewards. That doesn’t mean other things are ignored. And as for importing bookmarks on iOS is concerned, I don’t think any browser does this. There are a lot of limitations in Apple ecosystem so it would require a lot more research and effort to implement certain features.

Hope this helps clarify your concerns.


this post is really helpful

Just chiming in - iOS if anything is a little ahead of Android with respect to feature implementations and general updates.

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@sriram @Mattches Thank you to you both! This really helps to clarify things. I look forward to all the great things Brave has to offer!