A more "ADVENCED" script bloker gui

There are some brave users that do not use the brave shield (including myself) for the simple reason that it doesn’t allow you to block all the scripts that are present on a site but other extensions like uMatrix or uBlock Origin allow you to do that.

For example on youtube you can clearly see that the brave shield isn’t bloking all scripts because ublock is bloking some scripts that brave has slipped away:

I know that you can easily install ublock or umatrix on brave buuut the brave shield is faster and it takes less resources and that’s the reason I want to use only the brave shields. I would suggest that you make a script blocking panel that would be similar in functionality and look to ublok’s.

P.S: I know that brave is supposed to be easy to use but I don’t think this feature would upset anyone

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You mean like this?

And how can I make my shields like that?


It’s already changed for 0.56.x and higher (stable release). New Brave update available!


Will you have the option to block 3rd-party frames and 3rd-party scripts?

Unsure on frames, can already block 3p scripts though!

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Is it ok to have Brave shield to block ads and using ublock origin or do they overlap? Should I set brave shield to allow ads since im using ublock origin?

I don’t see any reason both won’t work there may be some conflicts though and diagnosing what the problem in could get messy. Its certainly not “bad” but I’d stick with one or the other.

The selling point of Brave is “all built-in browser”. If I am using uBO, I rater use chrome or chromium. This is the question I asked the forum long back.
I use chrome with these add ons - uBO, Privacy Badger, Decentraleyes, HTTPS Everywhere. While using Brave I do not want to use any of these rather use native Brave without other privacy addons.
But I should add that, with all these add ons Brave work without any issue. But each of these add ons consume some RAM.