Mimic Safari Keyboard Shortcut for Bookmarks

In Safari on a Mac computer, you can hit Command+Option+# to go to your Nth (#) bookmark in the bookmark bar. I would love it there were either more customization with keyboard shortcuts or (pipe dream) the built-in functionality to do this in Brave Browser. I’m not sure how many people want it, but it’s a huge feature for me. I’m not sure how hard it would be to implement, but I would love it.

Alternatively, if anyone knows an extension that can achieve this, I’d love it, but the major drawbacks are that you generally have to map a shortcut to a specific link for each one, and, more importantly, that it doesn’t work in the “new tab” page, which is the most useful functionality. I posted in this thread but didn’t receive any response so a new thread seemed warranted; I apologize if I shouldn’t have.

Thanks for considering!