Keyboard shortcuts to items in Bookmarks Bar

Coming from Safari, there is only one thing I’m missing in Brave: Keyboard shortcuts for items in the Bookmarks Bar.

Currently both Brave and Safari have shortcuts to switch between open tabs: ⌘ + 1, ⌘ + 2, ⌘ + 3 etc. (ctrl + 1 on Linux/Windows)

If you turn that off in Safari’s preferences, then those same shortcuts instead default to the items in the Bookmarks Bar (Favourites Bar in Safari lingo).

Once you get used to having your 9 most used webpages load at the press of a button, it’s hard to live without. It’s incredibly convenient.

Plus to me it makes more sense to have shortcuts to stuff that (mostly) stays the same (Bookmarks Bar items) than to stuff that changes constantly (tabs and tab order). If you keep, say, your project’s issues list on as the first item in your Bookmarks Bar, then it’ll will always be on ⌘ + 1. And so on.

So essentially I think Brave should just straight up copy this - keyboard shortcuts to Bookmarks Bar items.