Would it be possible to add keyboard shortcuts to bookmarks and bookmarklets?

I use an app that allows me to open URLs with keyboard shortcuts. I mostly use it to open my bookmarks when I don’t want to use my trackpad.

Apart from bookmarks, I also use a bookmarklet called “kill sticky” a lot. Its function is to turn off sticky headers that follow you as you scroll down the page, to give you more screen real state.

This one I cannot open with a keyboard shortcut via an external app.

I was thinking: since you can add keyboard shortcuts to extensions and extension functions on Brave, would it be possible to add a similar option only for bookmarks?

That way people without external apps could just use Brave to open bookmarked URLs.

Though for it to work with bookmarklets, maybe it should be open Bookmark 1 / Bookmark 2 / Bookmark 3… etc, instead of the URL.