Migrate BAT rewards to Polygon

Is it possible to migrate the BAT token off the Ethereum network to the Polygon network? Or perhaps give a choice of which network we prefer to receive BAT rewards? Lets face it, the cost of gas to move BAT from Gemini to a wallet on the Ethereum network makes the BAT token pretty much worthless. I’m not even sure why Uphold and Gemini have to be involved in receiving BAT rewards deposits at all. Maybe someone could explain that? At the very least, Is there a way to have the rewards deposited directly into our Brave wallet?

For Gemini and Uphold to be the custodial wallets or any other ( BitFlyer) or any other future options being used is because of rules & regualtions

Nope, never happening.

Umm not sure. If you use Uphold, you could convert to XRP and send. I do that, and XRP fees are way less too.

The fee to do this is the problem… withdraws from Gemini to either Brave wallet or Metamask would have cost me about 6 months of collecting BAT tokens to make this move had I continued.

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