BAT to Brave wallet?

Can I move from the uphold wallet to Brave wallet for deposits (when they happen) of Bat rewards?

Why should I need both?

If I’m understanding the way you’re asking the question, then the answer is no. But let me explain.

If you want to be able to withdraw from Rewards, then it has to go to a custodial partner. This is either Uphold or Gemini for now. This is because they are being used for KYC/AML.

That said, once it’s been removed and placed in Uphold, you can send BAT anywhere you want, including Brave Wallet. Of course, there will be gas fees in order to do this. But that’s the only way to move deposits to it.

ok, that answers my question…
Though I don’t see any value in paying “gas fees” to put it here.
It all seems screwy to me but I am old. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your reply and info.

Yeah, things like Brave Wallet can be good but it’s kind of like a niche population to use it, especially with how things are now. It’s just one of many options available to people. Overall, you wouldn’t be worrying much about moving to wallets outside of an exchange/custodial partner unless you’re planning on really investing in crypto. Otherwise just good to keep in exchange and withdraw to bank.

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