Microsoft Edge Pop-Up

Does anyone know how to prevent the automatic “Try Microsoft Edge Browser” prompt that keeps trying to coax people away from using Brave?

I believe that by setting Brave – or another web browser – as your default application for web browsing, Edge will stop asking you to use it.

I have Brave selected. It’s an annoying small pop-up that comes up on start-up of the browser that says “Hey, try the new Edge browser from Microsoft” that you can dismiss.

You might need to turn off the Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows option in Settings to get rid of this pop-up.

In Windows, go to Settings --> Notifications & Actions --> [Scroll down to] Notifications then toggle Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows “off”.

I have done all of this. I have also used a removal tool, to no avail…

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Hmm interesting. Unfortunately, I believe this is an issue on the Windows/Microsoft end. I would look for/file a report with them and see if they can help you get this sorted out.

As Edge is Microsoft’s choice for browser you should use I doubt they will provide a fix. But thanks for your time and thought.

Good luck – hope you get the information you’re looking for.