Microsoft account privacy violating nightmare rant and suggestions on how to describe data thieves?

I just tried to post to one of the Microsoft developer forums to which I had to create a Microsoft account which asks for your name, date of birth and an existing email.

After filling that in with real or not real info it tells you you will be tracked across every software product and website and service.

A small thank you for the heads up you mentioned after the fact not at the time you sign up.

At some point it asks you for a cell phone number. Other numbers wouldn’t work.

Of course I declined but they say they kept my info on file.

Here’s their privacy page:

So then I went to close the account:

I know this is not only Microsoft but Google, Apple and others.

Thank you Microsoft and Big Tech for reminding me why I will never use your software and avoid it at all costs.

Is there any pejorative term we can use to describe these digital stalkers?


Imagine meeting a guy who wrote down everything you did and said and then sold that to companies who used it to sell you things and use it to try to change your political views all on fabricated lies.

“Oh you support medicare for all. Candidate Slimball supports [insert data]”.

Thank you Brave.

May I suggest for sites like this Brave show flashing warning lights and shows them this?

Well, just like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and so on.

PS: LOL is your address? :+1:

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lol I’ve updated the post with a question.