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Hello, I’m new to this and I don’t know where to post this. I originally sent an email to Brave for support, and received a reply to come here.
This is the email I sent, any help would be appreciated. If I’ve posted in the wrong spot could you please guide me to where it would be for fitted
Thank you
Brave Team,

I’ve been using your browser for a few weeks now, over all I really liked it.

I’ve tried a few other browsers for privacy reasons, and yours was great at first.

Some questions for you, I’ve done alot of adjusting in your settings to keep me completely private.

But why is it, my browser history is being saved, my login info into accounts (social media, emails, etc) are being saved. I’ve closed your browser and the tabs then go to Facebook, let’s say and I don’t need to resign in, it opens without login credentials.

On my device itself and your settings in Brave, I have autofill turned off, save passwords turned off, it doesn’t clear my history, in fact when I do a search it’s saves the same search twice all the time.

I’ve installed and uninstalled this app numerous times and the same thing happens.

And for a private app why do you need so many permissions??

A little history here, I’m a survivor of domestic violence. I was in an abusive relationship for almost 20 years. Mental, verbal and physical.

Last year he was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily harm x 3, domestic assault, uttering death threats, assault on an officer, resisting arrest, etc. Court has ordered, a no contact order. He is not to be 100 meters near me, no direct or indirect contact and no contact electronically.

I have a Domestic Violence police detective that I’ve been working with.

Back in January my detective did some digging into my mobility provider, internet and satelite tv company, we were told that our devices and whole home was being remotely accessed. He had access to all my accounts, banking, CRA etc.

I’ve had to close all of young teenagers and my own, bank accounts, social media etc. We went as far to purchase new cell phones, but that hasnt stopped him.

Ive taken the kids and I cell phones to various tech stores where they did tell me our devices had suspicious, unexplainable stuff on them

Even as i sit here and reach out to you, writing this he will get a copy of it.

I just want our privacy back, my life back, have some normalcy and to feel safe for my kids and I.

So back to your app, Brave. This is why I chose it, but to me doesn’t seem to be so private

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you


First of all, welcome to the community and I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you.
I would actually suggest you to browse the internet using Private Tab which is available in Brave browser. Because the key feature that you want; to clear your data automatically every time you close your browser is available for desktop, and I think (I can be wrong here) is not implemented on mobile browser as of right now.
But if you don’t care about the Brave’s Rewards Program then you can install Firefox Focus. It uses less permissions, is easy on RAM and storage, and erase your data every-time you exit the app.

Note : Since you have not mentioned the platform you are using, I assumed you are using a mobile device and provided a solution according to that.

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Thank you, for your help. Yes I am using an Android tablet.
I will keep Brave and try the Firefox when I need to do more private surfing.
Would you know if this url looks normal??
Tried to sign into google on Brave and seems very long.

Does this IP address look normal?
It’s what shows up as my own.
If anyone could help or direct me to a tech forum for some help I’d appreciate it very much

Yeah, it looks alright. Certificate is valid and issued to Google.

It’s all right.
You’re connected to a WiFi network provided by your internet service provider(ISP) Vaxxine.

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