Someone asked why Brave no longer supports Windows 7 and he got a lot of flak

I noticed today that last year someone made a rant about Brave no longer supporting Windows 7. At least one guy name-called him and the majority said that the brave team doesn’t have to cater to the windows 7 guy and have a right to do whatever they want with their software. I agree with that, however I don’t agree with name-calling him. I agree with the original poster. Brave for years advertised that they allow the most privacy for their users. When they sold out to the globalists, forcing the users to either leave Brave or update to Windows 10 or 11, they no longer stand for user privacy. Windows 7 provides far more privacy than later Windows versions. Later Windows versions are all about tracking people which is exactly what the evil globalists want to do to all of us. All the people who migrated to Windows 8 and above are traitors to humanity - globalist sell-outs. They made the Windows 7 people and Windows 7 programmers a minority, allowing the globalists to forth their tracking internet system. Shame on all of you.