Does Brave offer a secure email service given that Protonmail is a Microsoft affiliate?

I am surprised and dismayed to have just received a new Services Agreement that Microsoft has issued to me through my Protonmail account. I was under the impression that Protonmail was a secure and independent email service provider that was not linked to any big tech company. I see that I was completely mistaken.

Does Brave offer a secure email service, and if not then can any members provide some suggestions for secure and private communication alternatives, if there are any left?

Thank you!

protonmail has no relationship with Microsoft

you got this email either you register your email with one of the Microsoft service or product or that spam email

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and brave does not offer any email service

Are you saying I may have gotten a spam from Microsoft in my Protonmail?

i am saying 2 things

  1. that you could register one of Microsoft service or product by your protonmail
  2. this email could be fake email if you are sure you never used your protonmail with anything related to microsoft

Just to second @justsomeone1, MS have no interest in either buying out or dealing with Protonmail. Meaning PM stays independent. So you do not have to worry :slight_smile:

Thank you for the clarification. I will review all my communications to double check again that my Protonmail email account is not being used for any Microsoft products. I specifically created my Protonmail account to avoid this exact situation, so it is a bit shocking for me to get receive this Microsoft message in my Protonmail. I appreciate your input @justsomeone1!

You may always flag message as spam (if you are on paid PM plan you can also blacklist domain/IP combination behind said address)

I will do both, as I am on a paid PM plan. Thanks for the tip, @macfanol.

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you welcome

just a clearification i used protonmail before and regisiter it with was checking some product after while i got tons of emails from many vendor related to what i was searching on alibaba of course i use fake email when i am testing or need to check things and site require registration

so if you got in situation like that always use random email and use real one for the important things

I appreciate the case scenario, @justsomeone1. I have indeed used my Protonmail account to purchase two memberships to sites that promote confidential communication and which should have been private and secure (though I know this is relative). I will now go in and review the integrity of my email list to determine which one might have this breach. A bit of a daunting task, but important and necessary. Thanks again for the heads up!

Not a problem. Anytime :slight_smile:

you welcome and check this also

it give you list of site that your email registered to it and had data breach

Thanks for the link, @justsomeone1 . Does Firefox work with Brave or do you know if Brave has a similar feature?

you welcome and i do not think so that Firefox work with brave but the founder of brave was ex- ceo of firefox

and firefox get that data for the breach from website called

i did not see that feature in brave but who know maybe they do it :wink: