Metamask hacked after installing into brave

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Could you be more specific about all steps you did?
Your description is very vague. It is not clear if you created a new wallet, or if you imported an existing wallet.

If you installed a new metamask wallet, it is obvious that it is empty. Until you transfer funds into it.
If you imported an existing wallet, did you add the necessary networks? By default it comes with Ethereum network.
What do you see in the blockchain explorer when you search for your older wallet ID? Are the funds there? Do you see any transactions?

Hi, sorry i am still in shock. Those were my life savings, my family and I pretty much depend on it. I install brave today, and install metamask. Then i imported my wallet over. A few hours later, everything was almost transferred out of my wallet.

Btw, I just set brave as my default browser today, and immediately this thing happened.


At a glance, the long character string that you have displayed after the word, ‘payment’, appears to be / might be your Wallet Payment ID.

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May interest:

Nonsense, there is no need to remove that. Nobody can do anything with that without the private keys.

There are no transactions on Ethereum on that address but there is plenty of action on Polygon. Are you sure you are looking on the right blockchain?

yes my money had been stolen from my polygon and bsc… those were my life savings… need them for family and kids…

This is what I see on Polygonscan:

Yes, the hacker removed around $22k to $25k from my account after he did a flash loan attack in aave. That $9k is locked funds inside aave. However, he totally drained me from aave.


These transactions happened shortly after I installed Brave and imported my metamask over. 1st day I am using brave.


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I managed to track my fund. My stolen money came to this wallet. 0x5427fefa711eff984124bfbb1ab6fbf5e3da1820

While am sorry to hear that this is happening to you, I am not sure that it has very much to do with Brave. If your description of everything is accurate, then it sounds like this attacker has/gained access to your MetaMask wallet. You said all you did was import the wallet right?

I suppose you could have managed to land on some sketchy sites or fall victim to a phishing attack within those few hours of using the browser, but either way I believe this attack was going to happen regardless of what browser you were using.

I think your best bet here is reaching out to MetaMask — it looks like @289wk has a couple of relevant links to help you get started.


yes, the only thing i did was to import into brave browser and i checked, i did download metamask from the io website.

Hi, yes, all i did was to import my wallet. I checked my brave browser history, and I downloaded it from the right website. Today is the first day I downloaded Brave and it’s the first time I imported my wallet from chrome to a new browser. A few hours later, my wallet was compromised. I didn’t save my seed phrase online, nor does anyone have access to my private computer or my password etc. No sneaky websites or apps were ever used. This computer is purely for work and crypto.

I understand what you’re saying. This is still an issue to take up with MM rather than with us here at Brave.

i checked, i dont think it’s metamask. maybe there is a explict here because i browsed brave community, there were past incidents of people reporting metamask hacks too.


This evening (June 11, 20200) I stumbed onto:

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