Expired Certificate SSL Metamask extension Hack

Hello… I have had a Metamask extension in my Brave browser for the last few years and always have been able to load my wallets using a recovery seed phrase.

Then the other day, after having a few failed transactions on Opensea my Brave Browser (chrome as well) was giving me expired certificate notifications on every https site I went to. I thought this was fishy, and immediately locked my metamask wallet and deleted the extension.

Then when I went to reinstall the extension I received a download error message.

My funds are still showing on etherscan and ethplorer, but I can’t access my wallet anymore, and I don’t have the private keys, because I was always using my seed phrase to access this particular group of wallets. The only wallets that load from my seed phrases I’ve saved aren’t the right ones.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling brave to see if my data was still there, but everything is gone. All my bookmarks, etc.

I’ve never backed up my macbook pro to time machine either…

Really the only thing left I can think of is somehow my brave rewards could have saved my browsing data and that I could access that to restore the wallet.

Any help out there would be greatly appreciated!!!

Here’s to hoping I can recover this wallet.

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