Metamask hacked through BRAVE

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  1. my metamask wallet was hacked this afternoon and cleaned out of EVERYTHING including NFT’s after i tried to connect my wallet through the BRAVE browser. Is there any recourse, and why did this happen. I thought BRAVE was supposed to be safe.

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Sorry to hear this. In order to confirm whether your wallet was indeed “hacked”, do you have on-chain transactions you can point to that emptied your NFTs/tokens to the attacker’s wallet?

You can send this information (link on Etherscan) privately via a DM on this platform.

I think you should mention all the relevant information so some one can help you figure why that happened so it can be avoided in future.
Starting with:

  1. Which extension did you use (may be extension link as there are many fake metamask circulating)

  2. Do you think your private keys were exposed?

  3. List of other extensions active when this happened

One liner question as wallet was hacked when I connected with browser will not help getting to root of cause

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