Metamask wallet hacked through Brave

Around July 24th ,2021 I installed Brave browser and metamask extension to import my wallet through a secret phrase/private key.
By the end of November I made a transaction to that wallet to buy something, but in less than a minute the transferred funds were automatically transferred to another wallet.

The wallet created by July has no other use but this transaction and it has not been imported to other places.

With these facts I can only see that my secret phrases/ private key has been compromised through Brave explorer and Metamask extension on it.

The wallet where the funds were transferred without permission is 0xb38fa9f0e47d63c13daaadc818c27001eec9e6e2 on Nov-28-2021 07:07:43 AM +UTC.

There has been another transfer after that from another wallet so it looks like there will be more hacks.

Any information about this is very much appreciated.

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install Metamask on Brave
  2. Import private key wallet on Metamask
  3. Make a transfer to metamask and your funds will disappear

Expected result:
My transfer is kept on my wallet

Brave Version( check About Brave): Brave was install on 2021 jul 7th and extension as well, now the version is 1.32.113

Additional Information:
It looks that metamask extension with brave have some security flaw that shared the secret phrase/private key of my wallet so some bot automatically took out all the fund you send there.